Perkins Conner Lane

Perkins Conner Lane, 2nd New Hampshire Volunteer Infantry, Co. I; born in Sanbornton, New Hampshire; age 21; resident of Manchester, N.H.; enlisted April 22, 1861, for 3 months.; not mustered in; re-enlisted May 22, 1861, for 3 yrs.; mustered in June 7, 1861, as a Corporal.

Transferred to Co. D, 2nd Cavalry, U. S. Army, Oct. 27, 1862; wounded at Beverly Ford in 1863, spent five months in Libby Prison, Richmond, Va. Discharged as a Private, April 7, 1865, Annapolis, Md. P. O. address Chicopee Falls, Mass.


Jeremiah Smith Durgin

Maj. Jeremiah Smith Durgin, 7th New Hampshire Volunteer Infantry, Co. E; born in Canterbury, N.H., age 48; resident of Concord (Fisherville, now Penacook, N.H.); enlisted Nov. 7, ’61, as a Private.; appointed Capt. Nov. 12, ’61; mustered in Nov. 12, ’61, as Captain; dismissed to date Feb. 15, ’64, for absence without proper authority; dismissal revoked Apr. 12, ’64; appointed Maj. Sept. 30, ’64; mustered out July 20, ’65. Died Jan. 19, ’67, Penacook, N.H. Burial at the Woodlawn Cemetery, Penacook, Merrimack County, New Hampshire.

William K. Colby

Capt. William K. Colby (1832-1903), Co. C, 40th Massachusetts Volunteer Infantry

Carte de visite backmark: Yeaw and Co. No. 166 Essex Street. Lawrence, Mass. A. Yeaw. M. H. Lufkin. Two Cent U.S. Internal Revenue Proprietary tax stamp affixed.

Albert Franklin Brown Edwards

Albert Franklin Brown Edwards

15th New Hampshire Volunteer Infantry, Co. K; born in Charlestown, Mass., age 18; resident of Chester, N.H., credited to Chester; enlisted Sept. 15, ’62; mustered in Oct. 16, ’62, as Corp.; mustered out Aug. 13, ’63.

18th New Hampshire Volunteer Infantry, Co. D; born in Charlestown, Mass.; age 20; credited to Chester, N.H.; enlisted Aug. 27, ’64, for 1 year; mustered in Sept. 14, ’64, as Corporal appointed Sergt.; mustered out June 10, ’65.

George B. Tuttle

George B. Tuttle

2nd New Hampshire Volunteer Infantry & 1st New Hampshire Cavalry

Carte de visite backmark: Davis Brothers, Photograph Rooms, No. 17 Pleasant St., Portsmouth, N.H. and No. 40 Water Street, Exeter, N.H.

Jeremiah Chaplin Bacheller

Jeremiah Chaplin Bacheller (1819-1880)

8th Massachusetts Volunteer Militia (9-months); Organized at Camp Lander in Wenham, Massachusetts on Oct. 1, 1862. Mustered out Aug. 7, 1863 at Boston, Ma.  Bacheller was a resident of Lynn, Massachusetts, a 43-year-old Merchant at the time of his enlistment. He enlisted on April 2, 1862 at Lynn, Ma. as a Sergeant. On Sept. 15, 1862 he mustered into Co. I of the 8th Massachusetts Volunteer Militia. Promoted to 2nd Lieut. Sept. 22, 1862 and Capt. May 6, 1863. He was mustered out on Aug. 7, 1863 at Boston, Ma.

11th Co. Massachusetts Unattached Infantry (90 days); Organized on May 16, 1864. Mustered out Aug. 15, 1864. On May 16, 1864 Bacheller was commissioned as Capt. into the 11th Co. Massachusetts Unattached Infantry. He was mustered out on Aug. 15, 1864.

Joseph Burnett Warne

Joseph Burnett Warne

He was a resident of East Abington, Ma. employed as a 21-year-old Stitcher. He enlisted on Aug. 28, 1862 as a 1st Sergeant. On Sept. 12, 1862 he mustered into Co. G of the 43rd Massachusetts Infantry, a 9-month unit. He was promoted to 2nd Lieut. Oct. 22, 1862. He was mustered out on July 30, 1863 at Readville, Ma.

Appointed 1st Lieut. July 12, 1864 as of Co. A, 60th Ma. Infantry. On July 18, 1864 he was commissioned into Co. A of the 60th Massachusetts Infantry, a 100-day unit. He was mustered out on Nov. 30, 1864 at Indianapolis, In.

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